SMP-GN001 Unbreakable Gn Pan Plastic Full Size Gastronorm

We have full sizes of GN pan.The material is PC and PET

Item name Item Number Size Qty/Carton Carton Size
1/1 Gn pan SMP-GN001 530*325*65mm 18pcs/ctn 55*34*19cm
SMP-GN002 530*325*100mm 18pcs/ctn 55*34*30cm
SMP-GN003 530*325*150mm 12pcs/ctn 55*34*36cm
SMP-GN004 530*325*200mm 6pcs/ctn 55*34*39cm
1/2 Gn pan SMP-GN005 325*265*65mm 30pcs/ctn 55*34*19cm
SMP-GN006 325*265*100mm 24pcs/ctn 55*34*29cm
SMP-GN007 325*265*150mm 18pcs/ctn 56*34*32cm
SMP-GN008 325*265*200mm 18pcs/ctn 55*34*44cm
1/3 Gn pan SMP-GN009 325*175*65mm 36pcs/ctn 55*34*18cm
SMP-GN010 325*175*100mm 36pcs/ctn 32.5*175*10cm
SMP-GN011 325*175*150mm 36pcs/ctn 32.5*175*15cm
SMP-GN012 325*175*200m 20pcs/ctn 32.5*175*20cm
1/4 Gn pan SMP-GN013 265*160*65mm 42pcs/ctn 52*28*20cm
SMP-GN014 265*160*100mm 42pcs/ctn 52*28*34cm
SMP-GN015 265*160*150mm 42pcs/ctn 52*28*40cm
1/6 Gn pan SMP-GN016 175*163*65mm 54pcs/ctn 54*34*18cm
SMP-GN017 175*163*100mm 54pcs/ctn 55*34*37cm
SMP-GN018 175*163*150mm 54pcs/ctn 54*34*18cm
1/9 Gn pan SMP-GN019 175*108*65mm 126pcs/ctn 55*35*27cm
SMP-GN020 175*108*100mm 108pcs/ctn 55*35*34cm